More information about environment and diving in the Red Sea

In this section you will find articles and information about the Red Sea, its fauna and locations, coral reefs and places in the Egyptian part of the sea where you can dive. And also some advice and general information about diving.

 Is diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea safe?

If you plan to go snorkeling or scuba diving in the Red Sea in Egypt, it is good to know what inhabits the coral reefs, what lives in the sea, what animals can be dangerous and how to behave in the water. Safety and environmental rules in the Red Sea.

 Tiger shark in Hurghada

The tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) from the Carcharhinidae family, is one of the most dangerous sharks. We may see this species of shark around Hurghada. It accounts for 19% of human victims of shark attacks, but these events are extremely rare.

 About corals and the coral reef

Corals are animals - colonies of coral polyps. When diving in Egypt around Hurghada, we can observe various types of colorful corals - soft and fan corals, hard branch corals or brain corals and many others.

 Interesting facts about the Red Sea

Do You want to know, where does the name "Red Sea" come from? Where is the Red Sea? How deep, long and wide is the Red Sea? What is a salinity of the Red Sea and why? And where You can dive in the Red Sea?

 Dangerous Animals of the Red Sea

If you just observe the coral reef it will not harm you. On this page you will find an overview of the dangerous animals of the Red Sea as scorpionfish, stonefish, lionfish, sharks, morays, cone shells and the others.

We are preparing information about the dive sites of the Red Sea, specially around Hurghada also about wreck you can dive here. And a bit more about fish (check our Fish Book) and other interesting animals you can meet under water.

Red Sea Diving
Red Sea Diving
Red Sea Diving