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We recommend that you contact us on WhatsApp, we will respond as soon as possible. Book Your diving or PADI course in Hurghada or ask us any question about diving in the Red Sea in Egypt.

After arriving to Hurghada, contact us, if possible, no later than 1:00 p.m. the day before the planned diving. Enter the day you want to dive or start the course and also the hotel where you are staying. We will send you information about who will pick you up at the hotel and at what time.

Dive with experienced instructors of scuba diving

A diving center is not only a building, compressor and equipment, but above all people. You can find us in Hurghada, Egypt where we work as PADI diving instructors all year long for many years. We can say that we enjoy what we do. We spent thousands of hours underwater and issued hundreds of diving licenses. We offer services both for divers and for beginners who are just starting out with diving. The dives are organized in a way that they are interesting for you and correspond to your requirements and diving experience. You can rent by us regularly serviced equipment. We use the classrooms during the courses. A freshwater pool or a nearby beach is also available. We operate all year round and take a boat out to the coral reefs every day.

We use modern teaching methods

With us you can try diving, learn diving from basic level to professional and dive as certified diver. You can sign also for many different diving specialty courses, such as deep, nitrox, sidemount or dry suit diver. We routinely dive this way. We have also experience with teaching children. You can be sure that diving with us in Hurghada you will receive our attention, patience, commitment and knowledge. We do courses in PADI system, we follow up-to-date standards and offer modern methods of learning. Ask us about studying diving theory on-line.

Learn more about underwater nature with us

If you are interested in nature, we can provide you many information, because we are keen on it. Check our books: What You Don't Know About Fish and Hurghada Dive Sites. We admire the nature and our mission is to provide you more information about the ecological system of the Red Sea and about how to behave to keep the coral reefs and the marine life safe.

We invite you to discover the world under the surface of the Red Sea!