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Learn to dive 40 meters deep in Egypt

PADI Deep Diver Course in Hurghada

Many divers are tempted to dive a little bit deeper to 40 meters. If you are one of them, PADI Deep Diver course is just for you. Sometimes it is wrecks that lie at a greater depth or huge gorgonians that you can see during your dive.

Such dive sites you can find also in Egypt around Hurghada. The course will extend your level and allow you to dive up to a depth of 40 meters, which is the limit of no-decompression diving. On this diving course, which you can take with us in Hurghada, you will learn to dive safely without decompression to a depth of 40 meters. You will find out how to plan a deep dive, calculate your air consumption and deal with nitrogen narcosis.

What you will learn during the PADI Deep Diver course:

  • how to plan no-decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40 meters
  • you will see how the colors change during the dive as the depth increases
  • you will find out how a change in pressure affects compressible objects
  • you will learn how to respond to emergency situations that might happened during such a dive

Even in Hurghada you will find dive sites where you can use this qualification. At these depths, the temperature in the Red Sea is basically the same as at shallow depth, and the visibility is also good. Here you can see, for example, wrecks, interesting corals, animals or rock formations.

A typical schedule of Deep Diver course:

The course will take 2 - 4 days, depending on the dive sites where we go. You have to make 4 deep dives.