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Learn how to help divers in Egypt

PADI Rescue Diver Course in Hurghada

The course PADI Rescue Diver will teach you how to take care of divers in distress. Take a course with us in Hurghada, Egypt.

Stress is a major contributor to rescue situations and diving accidents. In this course you will learn how to prevent accidents and at the same time manage problems if they do occur. This program includes the prevention, recognition and resolution of problems on the surface and underwater. You will learn how to effectively help a diver in an emergency without endangering yourself. And you will become a very trustworthy diving partner. Many divers who have taken this course find it very useful and fun.

How the PADI Rescue Diver course is conducted

The Rescue Diver course usually lasts three days, during which you complete theoretical instruction and practice in controlled conditions and in open water. The course takes place in Hurghada.

The course includes repeating self-rescue (relieving convulsions, maintaining buoyancy on the surface, controlling airways, using a backup air source, overcoming dizziness and regaining a sense of direction). Furthermore, helping a tired diver and a diver in stress or panic both on the surface and underwater, as well as how to react from the shore or from the diving boat. You will learn how to help an unresponsive or not breathing diver, how to search for a lost diver and how to provide oxygen in the event of a diving accident.

As part of the Rescue Diver course, you will also implement two scenarios (diving accident simulation): Unresponsive diver underwater and Unresponsive diver on the surface.