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Side configuration of tanks in Egypt

PADI Sidemount Diver Course in Hurghada

We invite you to a diving course with a side configuration of tanks to Hurghada, Egypt.

You will be able to dive in both single and dual tank configurations within the range of your depth limits. Try something new, have fun underwater! It can prepare you for further courses. To participate in this course, you should achieve perfect buyoancy.

Advantages of Sidemount configuration:

1. Greater supply of gases. For example if you use one tank with nitrox, you may finish the breathing mixture sooner than reach the no-decompression limit.

2. Easy accessibility. Both cylinder valves and the first stages of the regulator are in front of you, easily accessible and easy to see. Which makes it easier to detect and solve any problems.

3. Customization. The side configuration allows you to adjust the gear so that it fits you well and you can get the perfect trim.

4. Problem solving. With two tanks, you can more easily manage without a partner in the unlikely situation of lack of air.

5. You learn part of the procedures applied in technical diving.

6. You can continue your diving education to take technical deep diving courses or PADI Self-reliant Diver Course.  

A typical schedule of Sidemount course:

Duration of the course is 2 days. The course includes shallow water training and 3 open water dives. We suggest you take the course as part of a 5-day diving package and make more dives on sidemount. Rental of equipment for Sidemount course, including regulators, is not included in the course price.