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Scuba diving courses for children


Does your child feel like "a fish" in the water, does he/she like to swim and snorkel? Do you want to enjoy your vacation together with your family and explore coral reefs while diving? We bring you an overview of diving courses and PADI programs in which children can participate.

Thanks to its temperature and visibility, the Red Sea offers excellent conditions for diving with children. What we can offer you is the facilities of the PADI Dive Center in Hurghada, experience working with children and an individual approach to training. Our diving base also has children's equipment. In order for your child to become a diver, he must go through the same training as an adult. However, children are used to learning and learn quickly. PADI provides teaching materials in different languages in an attractive form that is easy to understand not only for adults, but also for youth and children.

PADI Diving Programs and Courses for Kids:

Age – 8 and 9 years

Children of this age can only participate in programs in controlled conditions, that is, in a shallow pool or similar conditions.
Depth for Bubblemaker program - maximum 2 meters and PADI Seal Team - maximum 4 meters.

Age – 10 and 11 years

From the age of 10 it is already possible to take diving courses in the Junior version. It can be PADI Junior Scuba Diver course, PADI Junior Open Water Diver course or one of the Specialty Courses (eg Perfect Buoyancy Control or Underwater Digital Photography). Or you can just try diving.
Depth - Maximum 12 meters. Once qualified, the child must dive with a parent/guardian or PADI Professional to a maximum depth of 12 meters.

Age – 12 to 14 years

Depth - Maximum 18 meters for PADI Junior Open Water DiversMaximum 21 meters for continuing education (PADI Junior Advanced Open Water Diver, PADI Junior Rescue Diver, Specialty Courses eg Enriched Air Nitrox Diver).
After qualifying, the child must dive with an adult certified diver.

Age – 15 to 18 years

From the age of 15 it is possible to participate in almost all recreational courses. Parent/guardian signature of administrative forms is required.

For all programs and courses: parent/guardian and child must complete the appropriate administrative forms prior to the program/course.

Is diving safe for children?

To begin with - everyone who wants to participate in a diving course must be healthy. In any case, it is necessary to observe the depth limits and consider the conditions for diving and the suitability of the diving location if we are diving with children. If the child does not want to dive on his own, it is not good to force him to do it. With younger children, it is sometimes better to wait until the child is emotionally mature for a diving course.

You can sign up for the diving course together with your child or, if you are already a diver, you can accompany him underwater on the course. Go diving with your kids. Nothing brings us closer than shared experiences.


If you choose a diving course or a diving package with us, you will get your underwater photos or video for free.