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Explore the Red Sea

Diving in Hurghada

Throughout the year, we organize daily trips by boat to dive at coral reefs nearby the Egyptian resort of Hurghada accompanied by a dive guide - diving instructor.

Why to dive with us?

  • We will consider your diving level and experience
  • You will visit various interesting locations, coral reefs or wrecks, we do drifts and pick-up drifts
  • You will dive with us in small groups according to your level
  • You can continue your diving education with us
  • We just like to dive :) JOIN US!

If you choose a diving course or a diving package with us, you will get your underwater photos or video for free.

If you are a beginner or have not dived for a long time, we will take care of you individually. If you have a higher level, we can organize more demanding or deeper dives for you. The diving center is located close to the center of Hurghada, next to the sea. This position allows us to reach all the diving sites north and south of Hurghada in a maximum of one and a half hours. Diving from a boat We rotate the coral reefs so that they do not repeat themselves during your vacation. We usually set sail before 9 o'clock, we can be among the first at the location and thus have a chance to see some of the shy animals. The boat is adapted for divers and clean, has enough space for tanks and diving equipment. You can choose to lie on the upper deck or sit in the saloon after diving. We will be with you on the boat and underwater. We speak English, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Arabic. Since all of us have been in Hurghada for several years, we know the localities well and can guide you to interesting places...

Where do we dive in Hurghada?

There are more than 30 diving sites around the Egyptian holiday resort by the Red Sea, Hurghada. These are larger or smaller coral reefs often surrounded by a sandy plateau around 10-15 meters deep. But you can also find locations where the wall falls hundreds of meters deep.

Check the dive sites in Hurghada.

How will we organize your dives?

We travel to the most of the dive sites around Hurghada by boat. The diving center from which our boat departs is located on the coast close to the center of the city. Thanks to this, we can sail to all diving sites in the north and south of Hurghada. Our boat is equipped for divers, that is, it has tank holders, a lowered deck for easy entry into the water and comfortable exit ladder... You will also find a saloon and an sun deck for resting after dives. A significant advantage is that the ship has a kitchen, which means that lunch and soft drinks are served here throughout the day.

The boat leaves every day around 8:30 - 9:00 in the morning, so we have a great chance to be early at the location and see some of the shy sea animals such as turtles, larger species of stingrays... The journey to the reef usually takes from 45 minutes to 1 and a half hour. The boat stays at sea until the afternoon or early evening. We normally plan two dives at two dive sites. We choose them so that you visit as many interesting places as possible during your vacations. If the weather allows, we also go to the more distant dive sites that are attractive even for experienced divers.

We dive in small groups accompanied by a diving instructor who knows the local areas. We divide divers according to their diving level and experience. We take care of beginners individually, and for advanced divers we also provide more demanding or deeper dives. Before the dive, you will receive a briefing about what awaits you underwater, what the depths are, currents and also what you can see of interest.

How is a weather and temperatures in Egypt?

Diving in Egypt works all year round, the water temperature does not drop below 20° C in winter, and reaches up to 30° C in summer. In winter, the cold wind can make your diving holiday slightly uncomfortable, but the air temperature is around 20° C even in the coldest months. The advantage during this period there is less traffic at diving sites. The summer weather may seem a bit hot to us, but you hardly feel it outside at sea. The Red Sea also has the advantage that the temperature at greater depths is essentially the same as at the surface, differing by a maximum of a few degrees. Let's also mention the visibility, it is usually around 30 meters in the Red Sea, it can only change slightly due to the weather or seasonality.