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Interesting and beautiful reefs for deep diving

Deep Diving in Hurghada

Deep dives in Hurghada can be done at a number of dive sites or wrecks. On some reefs the depth is directly below the boat, on others it is worth drifting to see the most beautiful and deepest parts of the reef.

Many divers consider deep diving as their diving skills develop over time. We can dive deep in Hurghada as well. In order to dive deep, you need to complete an AOWD course - this gives you the ability to dive to a maximum depth of 30 meters. If you want to dive up to the maximum recreational diving limit, which is 40 meters, you should complete the Deep Diver specialty in addition to the AOWD course.

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Interesting and most beautiful reefs for deep diving in Hurghada

Umm Gamar

A small island north of the coast of Hurghada. Dive boats are anchored above the plateau, which starts on the south side of the island. If you want to dive deep, you should swim with the wall on your left hand facing east. Along the way, divers pass coral blocks covered with soft and hard corals. There are three coral towers on the deep side of the reef. The first coral tower has a crack that is home to huge numbers of glassfish, lionfish and young groupers. Under the second tower, at a depth of 28 meters, there is a small cave into which you can swim. Air exhaled by the divers inside escapes through cracks in the tower wall, providing a picturesque sight, with bubbles coming out of the tower. It is also possible to jump onto the drift from the deeper side and return to the plateau where the dive boats are moored.

Shaabruhr Umm Gamar

Diving site near Umm Gamar Island. It's a long reef. On its western side is a plateau, which in the east gradually descends to a depth of about 30 meters and then ends with a drop-off (a wall falling to great depths). On a dive to 30 meters, we have a chance to see the remains of the wreck, which ends just before the drop-off. It is one of the favorite places in Hurghada for deep technical diving. On a drift dive, technical divers can visit the Colona wreck (60-67 meters).

Carless Reef

This coral reef is also located north of Hurghada. You can only dive there if there is no wind. The coral reef is not large and its top is about 3 meters below the surface, so there is no protection from waves and sea currents. Two large coral towers stand on a vast flat at a depth of about 14 meters. The plateau transitions to a drop-off in the north. On the deep wall, divers can admire smaller coral towers. You can expect strong currents at this dive site.

Small Giftun (Police Station)

When planning a deep dive on this reef in Hurghada, it pays to jump on a drift and swim with the current to the plateau where the boats are moored. After jumping on the drift, divers swim along a wall that descends to a very great depth. Large gorgonians grow on the wall at a depth of 20 to 50 meters. In the next part of the reef there is a plateau (about 18 meters deep) ending in a drop-off, and divers can swim where the plateau breaks deep or shallow along the wall that is on their right hand throughout the dive, depending on the strength of the current.

Erg Somaya

Just below the boat (there is only one place to anchor the boat) is a fairly narrow, deep plateau that ends in a drop-off. Diving here can be challenging – expect strong currents that get stronger as you move away from the reef wall. At Erg Somaya we can also jump on a beautiful, deep drift and along the way, at about 30 meters, visit a small tunnel in a coral block that is covered with multi-colored soft corals.

Abu Ramada

This is an island near Hurghada, around which we have many diving sites suitable for deep diving. At this location we can dive deep into South Abu Ramada and Cave Abu Ramada and possibly Erg Abu Ramada. If weather conditions do not allow anchoring at Erg Abu Ramada or the current is too strong, divers can go for a deep drift dive from Erg Abu Ramada to Cave Abu Ramada or a pick-up drift from Shaab Ayman to Erg Abu Ramada. Pick-up drift is also possible on the deep wall with very strong currents at North Abu Ramada.

El Fanadir (North)

A fairly easy place to deep dive in Hurghada. Boats moor at the wall above the plateau, which descends from 12 to 18 meters and ends in a deep precipice. Strong currents are rarely encountered here, making this a perfect location for divers completing the AOWD course - and deep diving as part of their training.

Wreck of El Mina

It is located right next to the port - the new marina of Hurghada. Maximum depth 30 meters. Divers who already have an AOWD can do a deep dive here or as part of the AOWD course - wreck diving after a previous deep dive.

Other diving sites in Hurghada also offer deep diving opportunities. However, it is to be considered whether the air consumption will allow us to swim to a deep spot on the reef and safely return to the boat. Moreover, it pays to dive deep where there is something interesting to see, and not just because the dive computer registers a great depth.

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