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Does your insurance cover diving?

Travel insurance for diving in Egypt

Before you head to Egypt to Hurghada or anywhere else in the world for diving, it's a good idea to make sure that your travel insurance covers diving. Diving, which we refer to as recreational, is usually classified by insurers as so-called risky sports. The term "recreational diving" refers to non-decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40 meters. The depth at which you can dive while still being covered by your insurance depends on the diving license you have or are planning to obtain.

Check what your travel insurance covers

However, the insurance company may have its own definition of the depth of scuba diving, e.g. up to 10 meters it is a recreational sport, to greater depths it is a risky sport. If you are purchasing a trip to Egypt through a travel agency, travel insurance may be included in the price. However, we recommend verifying what exactly your insurance covers. If you are diver, the insurance should cover the cost of treatment, a decompression chamber and any search and rescue operations.

Arrange your own short-term travel insurance

If you find that diving insurance is not included, you have several options... If possible, you can request an extension of your existing policy to cover risky sports. Another option is to take out your own travel insurance. In that case, you need to decide whether it's worth it to only insure yourself for the duration of your stay abroad. The prices of such insurance vary, typically ranging in the tens of euros depending on the length of stay, coverage limits, and destination. For example, Egypt and Turkey are categorized by insurers under the "Europe" region and nearby areas. You can easily arrange insurance online.

Take out your own annual diving insurance

If recreational diving has become your hobby and you travel for diving vacations several times a year, we recommend considering DAN's annual diving insurance. The organization DAN - Divers Alert Network has been focusing on diving insurance and related accidents since 1983. This insurance can also cover other insurance events unrelated to diving. The price of annual insurance starts from 70 euros per year and may include insurance for up to three additional family members. Check out the offer at

The difference between diving trips booked through a travel agency and arranging directly with a diving center

Diving trips sold by travel agencies in Egypt, particularly in Hurghada, are usually geared towards those who do not have a diving license and simply want to try diving and see the coral reef. If you are already a certified diver or wish to take a diving course, whether basic or advanced, we recommend arranging directly with a diving center or instructor. They can provide you with all the necessary information and, if needed, online eLearning materials in advance.

Information from Egyptian travel agency representatives

We would like to add something here, particularly regarding the information provided by Egyptian representatives of travel agencies. They often inform clients that their insurance ceases to be valid if they decide to purchase a trip (such as diving) from someone other than themselves, the travel agency delegates. Alternatively, they may also state that clients cannot expect their assistance. Firstly, even before traveling abroad, we recommend verifying what your travel insurance actually covers and whether it is limited in any way. Secondly, it's no secret that representatives earn commissions from selling trips during informational meetings.

If an insurance event were to occur on-site, for example, while diving with us, we will, of course, assist you. However, accidents are very rare. With us, you will dive at a diving center registered with the Egyptian Chamber of Diving and Water Sports (CDWS) with instructors licensed by CDWS to work as diving guides in Egypt. They also have professional liability insurance for damages.

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