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Why is it worth taking a diving course at the seaside?

Scuba diving course abroad

A diving course abroad is a great idea for people who want to learn to dive while on vacation or with children on holiday.

What is a scuba diving course like abroad?

Every PADI OWD - basic diving course, regardless of the country in which it takes place, contains the same elements: theory, shallow water exercises and four open water dives.

Differences in diving courses may include:

  • the duration of the diving course 
    Learning to dive in Europe often takes more time - classes once a week for several weeks, then classes in open water, often involving trips to the appropriate body of water. Although you can also find offers of weekend diving courses, but usually only in the summer season - due to the appropriate weather
  • water temperature and visibility
    the minimum diving time in open water (to qualify for dives) is 20 minutes. Very often, during diving courses in Europe, this is also the maximum diving time due to the low water temperature. A thick diving suit, hood and gloves make it difficult for unexperienced divers to operate the equipment. Poor water visibility makes it difficult for students to observe the instructor and for the instructor to assess the skills of future divers

Diving course and lessons in Hurghada (Egypt)

  • The diving course lasts only three days, but because the students are on vacation, they can spend more time each day intensively learning and practicing in the water
  • Diving lessons are individual - the diving center does not set a date for the start of the course, you can adjust the start date of classes to the arrival date
  • Water temperature and visibility – the water temperature in the Red Sea does not fall below 20°C (the best time to learn diving in Egypt is from the beginning of March to the end of November). Thermal comfort allows training dives to be long, and the cold does not distract students during water activities. Excellent visibility makes it easier for students to observe the diving instructor, thanks to which they learn the correct techniques faster.

A scuba diving course abroad is the optimal solution for people:

  • busy every day with work and family
  • planning to learn diving as a couple
  • parents learning to dive with their children (water temperature and clarity are especially important for children who get cold more quickly)
  • everyone who likes water and spending time actively during their holidays

The diving course can be divided into parts - this is the so-called referral

Each of the three modules of the diving course:

  • theory, it is currently possible to complete the theoretical part of the course online = PADI eLearning®
  • training in shallow water
  • open water diving

can be studied separately, in different diving centers and in different countries.

A popular solution is to learn theory and practice in a swimming pool completed in Europe or your country and complete the diving course (four dives in open waters) during a holiday, for example in Egypt (open water diving takes place here all year round).

The advantages of a referral are more time for diving during your vacation. It takes two days to complete open water dives, so the remaining days of your vacation can be spent on recreational diving as a certified diver. Please note that the referral is valid for 1 year from the date of the last class.

A scuba diving course abroad is a good combination of holiday and study. The diving season in Hurghada (Egypt) is all year round and the distance is only few hours by plane.

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