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What to pay attention to to dive safely in Hurghada

Safety rules when diving from a boat

How do boats moor on coral reefs in Hurghada, Egypt to prevent the destruction of corals of the Red Sea and what to pay attention to to safely dive from a boat.

Dive boats in Hurghada - mooring

Dive boats in Hurghada have designated moorings on the reefs. For many years, it has been forbidden to drop anchors - this prevents the destruction of coral reefs of the Red Sea. Since most of the year around Hurghada the winds blow from the north, the moorings are located on the southern parts of the reefs. Incoming diving boats choose permanently attached mooring lines and tie their lines to them. The wind, current and wave pushes the dive boat away from the reef and the boat stays on the ropes.

Mooring of additional diving boats

Since the number of mooring lines on the reefs is limited, subsequent diving boats "attach" themselves to boats already moored on the reef. This creates "rows" of boats. The earlier the diving center in Hurghada leaves by boat, the greater the chance of mooring closer to the reef. Diving is even more attractive - divers do not waste time reaching the reef. 

Swimming under dive boats in Hurghada

We strongly recommend that you do not approach the propeller of a diving boat, even when the boat is moored and the engine is turned off. Being underwater while diving, we have limited knowledge of how weather conditions change. It may happen that the wind suddenly changes direction and you need to quickly sail away from the reef. If for some reason we have to swim under boats while diving, do it at a depth of 5-6 meters or deeper. Even if the boat starts to maneuver, the divers will be safe.

Ascending and descending under water on coral reefs

The safest place to descend and ascend is between the reef and the first moored dive boat. No boats will maneuver in this zone. If for some reason we need to surface outside this area, in the open sea away from the reef, it will be advisable and recommended to release a buoy (SMB) before. This signs the divers' location.

Scuba diving from dive boats in Hurghada

The basic safety rule - never enter the water (diving, snorkeling or swimming) if the boat engine is turned on and the ladders are raised on board. If we finish the dive and see that the boats have their ladders raised (they are not lowered into the water) and we hear the engines running (the boat's propellers do not have to be working yet), we are especially careful - the boats may start sailing at any time - and we surface, keeping a safe distance. After surfacing to the water surface, we follow the crew's signals - whether we can swim to the boat or should we stay near the reef for a while.

Marking of diving boats in Hurghada

Good diving centers in Hurghada leave the lines under the boats with the logo of the diving center. Thanks to this, divers can recognize their boat. When leaving the boat for snorkeling or swimming, it is worth remembering the name of the boat and/or diving center from Hurghada. We are aware that other boats will arrive and moor on the same reef.

Although boat diving in Hurghada is one of the most enjoyable and attractive diving experiences, it is important to know the rules to ensure your safety.

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